3 Reasons You Need a Criminal Lawyer

There are many times that people are arrested for crimes they’ve committed, and other times that people are arrested for crimes they had nothing to do with. Regardless of the situation, it makes sense to retain a criminal lawyer to represent you in court.

There are a number of reasons to hire an attorney for your defense with the main 3 being listed below.

  1. Having a well practiced lawyer on your side will give you access to expert legal advice, and to someone who can devise a defense strategy.
  2. Having a smart lawyer on your side will almost always mean getting a lower sentence in the event that you plead guilty, or are found guilty during your encounter with the criminal justice system in Texas.
  3. Hired an experienced attorney will keep you out of situations in which, the very State that accused you of a crime, offers to defend you from their own prosecutors. So much for Gideon’s Promise.

If you’re ever in trouble with the law, no matter how minor you think the charge is, and no matter if you caught “red handed” guilty, talk with a criminal justice expert to lessen the consequences.


Jesse Ventura Survives Political Assassination

The former Governor of Minnesota, and former NAVY S.E.A.L., Mr. Jesse Ventura has successfully won the lawsuit he filled against the people attempting to defame him by claiming he applauded the death of a number of military personnel, namely, other SEALS.

Turns out the whole claim was false, and Jesse Ventura has won in court.

To learn more about the details of the case, read about it in further detail be visiting the following links.

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