Drunk Drivers Are Irresponsible on Many Levels

Its understandable how a person could be enjoying their night out on the town and end up knocking back a few extra beers or drinks.

We all know how it is and can empathize.

You’ve just ended a long work week, life ain’t perfect, the dog ain’t barking, and finally the opportunity arrives to take some stress off of your back and relieve it with some liquor. However, as a people, we need to be a tad bit more responsible when it comes to ingesting liquor when we know we will have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle on Texas roads afterwards. Drunk-driving-poster-3

Unfortunately, some of us aren’t as responsible as we should be.

Are Drunk Drivers Selfish?

A person who is under the influence of an alcoholic beverage may not be in their right mind, or their natural way of being may be compounded. In any case, a person who gets behind the wheel of a motored vehicle while intoxicated has lost any argument relating to their concern of the lives they be endangering by committing a DWI. These people never seem to think about the fact that they may be endangering others by driving drunk.

I think that’s being selfish.

DWIs kill Lots of People on Houston, Texas Roads

If you want to take a moment to look at number of people killed on Texas roadways, look no further than the Texas Department of Transportation’s own Texas motor vehicle crash statistics, and you can take a first hand look at the grim reality of the effects of driving while intoxicated. My mother was once nearly killed as a result of being T-Boned by a speeding Dodge Ram which she was in her Chinese built Chevy Malibu.

A nasty combination.

Thank god she lived or may I not be as sane as I am today knowing that she would have been snuffed out due to the drunken irresponsibility of another adult.


Criminal Charges

The bastard that ran into my mother was charged with a Felony DWI. After that incident, I started doing my research on criminal charges related to DWI offenses in Texas. In fact, on Houston criminal defense lawyer who fights DWI charges has a slew of questions and answers related to DWI criminal charges.

There is one thing we can all learn from this. Don’t drink and drive.

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