Obey The Law In Houston, You’ve Been Warned

In Houston, there are a number of police agencies policing the city making criminal acts a bad idea. True, in some case the crooks “get away with it”, but they are eventually killed by other criminals, or jailed on other criminal offenses if the police don’t catch up to them for their criminal offense on a later date.

A Scourge on Society

To be honest, I personally believe that its a good idea that we have police operating to the extent they do. Criminal activity does nothing but harm the innocent and blight society; making the duties of the police officer, as an instrument of the law, noble.

Accusing The Innocent

Whether or not you are guilty of any criminal act you are accused of, its always a good idea to talk with a lawyer. In some cases, the police will accuse an innocent person of a crime they didn’t commit for the purpose of closing the case with “a side” of convenience.

(Not all police agencies engage in practices like this, but some do. And normally in the cases of the ones that do, it involves race/racial profiling. Reputable police agencies do not participate in racial profiling schemes.)


The “Laws” In Houston

In summation, there are over 30-40 independent police agencies operating in the Houston area. If you’re engaging in criminal acts, be careful as you may be looking at the back of a police car in the near future.

You’ve Been Warned!

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