Private Investigators & The Cheating Spouse Effect

When Frederick found out his wife was cheating on him, it took more than a month for him to decide to hire a private investigator.

In fact, this is what he said when he felt it in his “gut” that she was having an affair. “I know my spouse is cheating on me, maybe I should hire a private investigator!”

He had to make the call because knew in his gut that something didn’t feel right. Although, at first, he didn’t want to face the truth. He knew that a divorce was about to take place. In fact, the entire family was going to have to deal with the taboo of infidelity in a marriage.

After all, Frederick and his wife had been married for 16 years.

It is difficult to say how many private investigators have been called because of the same matter. Although, the first thing to do is to hire a private investigator for proof. In fact, according to Gradoni & Associates, it’s the actual evidence which gives the potential client the reason to move forward to a divorce proceeding.

Broken families

Families are broken because they know that infidelity in the marriage has occurred. There are laws that have been broken within the marriage. Therefore, a family which may soon be broken may need some legal help.

The main reason these families may find that their families have been broken can even come to the cheating spouse’s reason.

It’s called “leveling the playing field” which is what the cheating spouse may call it.

This is when they seek revenge on their spouses because they may feel the “little ‘spouse’ syndrome”, as some marriage counselors and psychologists have called it.

This has been researched in many infidelity cases and both sexes are guilty of it.

The cheating spouse is not new to the court of law. In fact, it’s pertains to all races, backgrounds, religions, genders…and much more. Infidelity in marriage is common.

According to the New York Post, there are now drones being used by private investigators to catch cheating spouses. (NY Post, July 13, 2014)

This is technology being used at it’s finest; but, who would of thought of such a thing?

Private investigators thought of it.

The Blame Game

It does always go back to the blame game when a marriage suddenly becomes broken. There shouldn’t be one specific gender to get all the blame though. Although, women will cheat just as much as a man, they are actually more involved when married men are involved.

The aspects of infidelity are much more attributed to the female, though, as studies have suggested, but the male counter-parts are just as guilty.

Reasons Spouses Cheat

There are may reasons why a spouse cheats and why surveillance is higher today than it was decades ago.

Now the internet is considerably very popular, but so are surveillance cameras. These are set up in cars and the homes of the married in order to catch them. On one account, murder and assault have contributed to it because of infidelity in marriage. The O.J. Simpson case did in fact, revolve around the cheating spouse.

In fact without private investigators, how would many spouses catch their cheating spouse?

The reasons can be boiled down to jealousy, loneliness, desperateness, sexual addiction,…and much more. There could be many other reasons, for this, but the main reasons always come down to “the unhappy marriage.”

The Cost of Infidelity

For those who have been cheated on, it can cost thousands. In fact, families spend thousands to even millions to reconcile the damages, if it can be reconciled.

Some say it is a way to “escape the monotony of marriage.” There are those who simply don’t care and are selfish enough to do this because of greed, a flawed character or personality, and even because of sheer boredom or marital goods.

Either way, it can be a big and expensive mistake, for both parties. Therefore, hiring a private investigator is critical during the beginning of a divorce case. If utilized to capture those cheating spouses, photos, videos, receipts, paperwork, and many more things can prove that a spouse has cheated. Plus, in order to get answers that may lie beneath the layers upon layers of the lies is only the beginning of a case that is going to go through divorce court.

Private Detectives Get Credible Evidence

Consequently, it is clear when a spouse is in doubt. Hiring a PI can actually get the doubts finally put to rest. In fact, being with a disillusioned spouse can be put to the test when hiring a PI. Engaging in infidelity is purely unhealthy. A family who is now broken because of it will actually be better off when the truth comes out. This way there are no lies, there is no more hiding and overall, a healthy lifestyle will surrender to all.

There are those natural instincts which can be evidence just as well. These natural instincts can lead to hiring a PI. It’s a natural course of human nature which some people may call it. Whether they are not getting enough money, sex, or simply not satisfied is why a spouse may cheat as well. Although, the evidence you need is very important and a private investigator can easily obtain it with the right equipment, experience, and most of all, timing. Actually, some couples may feel stronger because they cheat. They may not be bored either, but it is unhealthy for the family to live this way.

Calling a Houston Private Investigator

Calling a Private Investigator will change everything once you hire one. It can change the dynamics of a family who is on the verge of survival as a family unit. If there isn’t any romance, no connection, then a wife or husband can stray from the unit.

Bottom line, calling a private investigator to show the truth will work for those who feel they are being cheated on. There are cases where one spouse may cheat on the other out of revenge. The reason mainly lands on the fact that they found out their spouse cheated on them. The scene replays itself though. Again, it happens all the time.

It’s best to get rid of the cheating all together. Overall, there is something which is giving those vibes. Whether the warning lights are on or the red flags are shown during days when the spouse is supposedly going to “be late at the office,” the goal is to catch the spouse in the act with a PI. Besides, private eyes know what to do, how to do it, and the professional procedures that take place once evidence is collected.

Investigating the Cheating Spouse

Finally, investigating the cheater in the marriage can be stopped with a Houston private investigator. It is infidelity, bottom line. The services from a PI can get to the bottom line so as not to prolong an unhappy marriage. Regardless whether you want, or need to know the truth, calling on a private investigator will help you win in court!

It can help put your life forward and improve the way you live as well as your family. You may need proof of infidelity and cheating to win in court for this to go your way. Consequently, hiring a private investigator is the smart thing to do if you feel your spouse is cheating on you.

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